The First Water Leak Detection Dog

Tracy Owen and Carrie Kessler
Tracy & Carrie Introducing Vessel

Vessels with vest detection dog
Vessel wearing her detection dog vest


Vessel, the Nation’s First Water Leak Detection Dog Trained by Tracy Owen and Carrie Kessler

Vessel was a rescue dog, an unwanted stray, originally saved by Tia Torres of Pit Bulls and Parolees fame. She

entered her into the Arkansas Paws in Prison program. After just 2 weeks in training we knew she had tremendous potential.

We have several clients needing service dogs so we instructed the PIP trainers to sharpen her service dog skills. Vessel

responded beautifully to training. While in training, the trainers also encouraged her ball drive. Working for the ball

became all she thought about, making it difficult for her to work for a disabled person. We knew this talented dog

needed a job we just didn’t know what it would be. Then we received a phone call from Central Arkansas Water Company asking

if we could train a dog to detect water leaks. We said yes, and we have just the dog for you!

Vessel became the first water leak detection dog in the nation.

For more information contact Tracy at or 501-804-3995

Carrie at 501-590-9785