Day 1- A client just asked a great question – Does the food need to be taken out of their daily portion? Definitely, you want to take the kibble from their normal meals. I normally measure out each pups meals for the day and take from there to fill Kong – then I just use the remainder evenly between their meals.

If you have an issue with your dog while trying to work at home send me a request and will post a reply.

Day 2  Ear cleaning tip I use Strawfield Advanced + Ear Cleaner its alcohol free plus aloe


Day 3  Belly Band for your non neutered dog. Male dogs not neutered will mark everything whether in the house or outside, this can be quite frustrating! What you need to do is put a belly band around him which will deter his marking until you can get him neutered. You can buy these at the pet store or make your own, I have used tube socks and velcro for this.