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Board and Train

Want a well trained dog but don’t have the time? We will train your dog for you! From basic obedience (sit, down, heel, come, stay, leave it) to problem solving and confidence building, we offer training for all breeds over 6 months. We do all the hard work using positive reinforcement training. And when your dog is returned we will teach you as well. We take dogs for training at 3 1//2 to 4 months of age, and all the dogs are trained in my home environment.

Though we provide board and train services, we actually prefer and recommend that YOU train your dog. We spend most of our time teaching others how to train their own dogs, and feel that the bond that grows between you and your pup during training is something special.

With that said, the three notable “pros” to board and train are:

  • If you’re busy and you simply DO NOT have the time to train your dog, board and train is a good option – having someone else train your dog is better than no training at all.
  • It’s fast. Faster isn’t always better, but if you just need some “issues” worked on in an expeditious manner, board and train can help. It won’t “correct” aggression or resource guarding or reactivity – those things don’t simply go away in a couple weeks. But board and train does offer quite a bit of training in a short period of time
  • Social Interaction. A good board and train service will also include interaction with other dogs, people, and life situations, even if your dog doesn’t necessarily need a lot of work in this area. Socialization is simply the process of having your dog interact with “normal life” in the form of other people and dogs, as well as cars, unusual sounds, etc.
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Teaching Dogs

We mentioned earlier that it’s best for you to train your dog, and it’s certainly true that you won’t have a trainer with you at all times after a board and train program is completed. DO NOT think that after board and train, your dog will no longer require training, or that your dog can be “fixed” by a trainer and you will never have any work to do in this area.

A good dog trainer that provides board and train services will never make claims like this, will certainly never make a guarantee, and will ALWAYS follow up on a board and train program by transferring the training lessons to you. What does that mean? Simply put, the trainer will teach your dog at board and train, then the trainer will teach YOU in a separate session (or sessions) so that you can continue and reinforce that training.

What Do I Do Now?

Unfortunately, our only answer to that is “it’s up to you.” If you’re simply too busy to spend a lot of time learning to train your dog, board and train might be right for you and your dog. If you’re going away for a few weeks and need to board your dog anyway, that’s another good time to consider board and train. I take dogs for training at 3 1/2 to 4 months of age. Also add all dogs are trained in my home environment.

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